THE one-stop company for your company...

CPOLE is your one source for all of your construction needs: Design, CAD construction documents and/or drafting, project management, and various on-site construction consultation. (including as-built site surveys, inspections, acting as your agent with various departments, etc.).

We are able to act as an extension of your company, either tackling specific assigned tasks or working as your staff, on an as-needed basis.

We can handle your “overflow” as it comes, and you do not have to operationally add staff to your payroll. This virtually eliminates hiring employees on a contract basis, and eliminates unnecessary mobilization costs and overhead (training, office space, bonuses, benefits, holiday pay, etc.). You avoid the training period, where you not only are paying the new hire’s salary, but you are paying the “teacher or teachers” as well.

If you feel that permanent staff is needed, we can assist you in the meantime. We will help you cover the bases until you have this staff in place.

We can save you time, and time is money.